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Nemesis Boxing Club compete in Semi Professional boxing events throughout the North of England and Scotland and are proudly associated with the British Boxing Union (BBU) and we already have two fighters ranked in the Top 10 in two weight divisions. Mark 'Cobra' Irwin who is the BBU Super Cruiserweight Northern Area Champion and Wilter 'The assassin' Richardson who is the BBU Light Middleweight Northern Area Champion. Other Team:Nemesis boxers are active and also pursuing rewards of silverware within the ranks of the BBU who are now recognised as the leading Governing body of the Semi Professional divisions. Those not ready for trading punches yet are busy preparing to take the step into the world of Semi Pro boxing. The club is a team thing and newcomers are always welcome.


Maryport for a small town already has two established boxing clubs and a third is in the process of getting on the map. Nemesis Boxing Club, Maryport Boxing Club ABA and Underdog Boxing are three clubs with different recognition so atleast one out of the three will suit your requirements, whether it's Amateur boxing, Semi Pro boxing and boxing conditioning. Either me (Kirky), Daz Martin or Foxy will provide the session that you require. Why not visit us at Nemesis Boxing Club on a training session, have a chat and see if our ways will suit you.


Nemesis Boxing Club is located opposite the Butchers Arms pub on Crosby Street in Maryport. We train on a Monday & Wednesday evenings at 20:00hrs (8pm) and the occasional Saturday mid morning. Saturdays is only available to other boxing clubs and our own boxers/potenial boxers. If you are reading this and you are already part of a Club elsewhere and interested in coming to spar then get in touch and we'll sort something out, so long as your coach is okay with this. Variety is good. We will travel to training sessions too.



Boxing is a great way to get fit, stay fit and get fitter but it is a contact sport. If it is simply fitness you are interested in and prefer not to be hit but still interested in Boxing, then Boxenfitness may be an option. Have a look and if your interested, give me a call or or text with you name and brief message.










Formed in 2011, Nemesis Boxing Club holds two training sessions per week. Mondays and Wednesdays and the first bell at 20:00hrs (8pm) and will not finish til the final bell sounds. The sessions are hard but enjoyable. Learning something new has got to be a winner.


It's a feel good thing.







We have various weights already active on the Semi Pro fight scene and we are always looking for new fighters to join our stable. It's a team thing, it doesnt matter whether you have fought before or are a raw novice, everyone trains beyond their limits and as hard as everyone else.


Thats how we roll.

Nemesis Boxing Club, Maryport, Cumbria- 07956625562

Do you know what Nemesis means....?'A righteous infliction of retribution manifested by an apporopriate agent.


Personified in this case by an 'orrible c**t....ME !'

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BBU title fights and prizefighter

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Boxing locally and further afield.


Fitness and fighting for both male and females


Sessions are rewarding and muscle aches are free.

Be part of a team consisting of keep fitters and keen fighters!




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